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Chapter One Launches


Members of BSI have launched a reading mentorship program for rising kindergarten boys. For 8 months, these young men will help these little readers with learning sight words, writing their names and reading books!

BSI Has A New Home!


Several months ago, BSI made a plea for larger space to accommodate our growing program. Hope Chapel answered the call and we will officially begin the  school year in our new facility located on their campus on N. Josephine Boyd Street located across from Grimsley High School. 

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Preparing for the Competition


Digital media is an ever growing career field. From web development to analyzing algorithms, options are unlimited. Zibster's Creative Director, Jeremy Hyler, spoke with BSI members on strategies for promoting their small businesses for their upcoming competition. 

For Greensboro To Grammys


 The Black Suit Initiative was proud to host Grammy award winning music  producer, Fanatic. Getting his early foundation in music in Greensboro,  NC, Fanatic took his passion to New York City to work with some of the  industry's most iconic artists. He won his first Grammy in 2003 as a  producer on Beyonce's "Dangerously In Love" album.  

Sigma Pi Phi Mentors


 The Black Suit Initiative is honored to have Sigma Pi Phi, as their  newest mentor partner. Sigma Pi Phi, also referred to as "the Boulé,"  which means "a council of noblemen", was founded as an organization for  professionals. Sigma Pi Phi is the first successful and oldest  African-American Greek-lettered organization. It has welcomed and  continues to welcome into its fraternal bond some of the most  distinguished men in the world. Its members have included such men as  W.E.B. DuBois, Carter G. Woodson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr.  Charles R. Drew. 

Rolling Up Their Sleeves


 Each year, BSI has a different themed competition.  This year,  students were divided into 5 teams and challenged to create their own small businesses. From a customized lamp company to a landscaping service, these youth have been getting their hands dirty and learning hand-on how to be successful in their desired businesses. Who will win? The winner will be determined on June 1.  

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About Us

The Sparrow's Nest, Inc.

 The Sparrow’s Nest , Inc. was developed to engage youth in leadership  initiatives in an effort to prevent crime and drug activity and develop  educational, artistic and character building skills to better prepare  them for their transition to college or career. 

The Black Suit Initiative

In 2016,  The Sparrow’s Nest, Inc., launched their new, all male  program, “The Black Suit Initiative”. 

This leadership and community engagement program allows young men in middle and high school, the opportunity to improve academic performance, explore their career interests and participate in positive team building exercises. The successful completion of program modules allows these young men the opportunity to earn their own full black suit at the completion of the first year. 

Young men are selected to be in the program through an application and interview process during the month of June. Members can remain in the organization until they graduate from high school.

Why A Black Suit?

 The logic behind the black suit is based upon a new study conducted by  the psychology department at California State University. They  discovered wearing a suit does change thought processes. The study found  formal clothing improved confidence levels and changed the basic way  respondents perceived the world. Wearing a suit encourages people to use  abstract processing more readily than concrete processing. 

Meet The Founder

Evainna W. Ross


Born in Lynchburg, VA, Evainna W. Ross has dedicated most of her life to helping youth secure better educational and economic opportunities through the development of her nonprofit organization, The Sparrow's Nest, Inc.

Upon graduating from North Carolina A&T State University with a B.S. in Public Relations in 1991, Ross began her journey working with youth under the leadership of the late civil rights pioneer, Rev. Prince E. Graves. Ross spent six years volunteering as the youth director of St. James Baptist Church increasing their youth programs' participation substantially.

Ross took what she learned at St. James Baptist Church and developed a community based model and launched The Sparrow's Nest, Inc. in Claremont Courts, a public housing community in Greensboro in October 2008. The Sparrow's Nest , Inc. was a mobile service which provided free programs on Saturdays such as ballroom dancing, sculpting, culinary arts and public speaking directly to youth in 4 of the largest public housing communities in Greensboro. Because of the growing popularity of these programs, Ross felt she wasn't making a lasting impact only seeing youth in these communities once a month. For that reason, in 2010, Ross, with a panel of educators and business owners, interviewed and selected 50 middle and high school youth to be members of a leadership program called The Chosen 50. The majority of these youth were selected from the communities she had served prior. These youth remained in the program until they graduated high school.

During their time in the program, these youth were empowered to make positive decisions for their lives as well as their communities. These youth have developed their own small businesses, developed political campaigns, created a stock portfolio and learned how to purchase their own homes and cars.

In 2014, Ross was recognized nationally by the Ascena Retail Group as an "everyday hero" who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place by empowering children in the areas of education, social support and self-esteem.

The Sparrow's Nest, Inc. has continued to evolve into a program which addresses the need of an ever-changing society. In 2016 they launched their newest division, The Black Suit Initiative, an all male leadership and community engagement program for middle and high school students.

Ross has been married to Kevin for 30 years and they have one daughter, Amariah.

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